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Concealed Carry

Always know the local and federal laws governing your concealed carry weapon.

  • Know your local, state and federal laws
  • Maintain Control of the Gun
  • Avoid confrontation, do not escalate the situation
  • Be proficient with your carry gun
  • Keep the gun concealed until ready to use

Carry Duration:

  • Long Term Carry - Whole day carry or carrying for several hours.
  • Short Term Carry - For instance, a trip to the bank.

Firearm: The basic rule is, a reliable, powerful handgun that you are comfortable of carrying and easily concealed.

Think comfort. Think size. Think power. Think speed. If a firearm is to be carried for a long period of time, polymer frame guns are popular because they are lighter and easier to carry. Some small firearms are likewise popular. But if you are comfortable carrying a large frame firearm such as a 1911, do so.

A good concealed weapon is commonly custom. Your favorite gunsmith could help you smoothen the edges. This makes it more comfortable and less likely to hook on to your garment.


  • Comfortable - very important specially when carrying for a long period of time.
  • Sturdy - Should allow quick and smooth presentation of the gun
  • Covers the Trigger - For safety
  • Types of carry holsters:
    • Inside the pants
    • Outside the pants
    • Paddle
    • Pancake
    • FBI Belt Slot
    • Rapid Response
      • Fast
      • Comfortable
      • Good concealment
    • Shoulder Holsters
      • This type is very popular on TV and movies
      • Very uncomfortable specially for long carry
      • Slow and hard to access
      • We do not recommend this type of holster
    • Fanny Packs
      • May seem obvious
      • Harder to grip the firearm
    • Pocket Holsters
      • Only for small firearms
      • Good for more formal attire
      • Very good concealment
    • Ankle Holsters
      • Hard to draw
      • Usually carries small arms

Holster Postions:

  • Appendix - Placed in front closer to the shooting hand.
    • Uncomfortable when sitting down and bending
    • Exposure of concealed gun is more likely than other holster postions
  • Back
    • Difficult to sit down
    • Harder to reach
    • Slower draw
  • Side
    • What we teach
    • Fast
    • Easy to draw
    • Good concealment
  • Kidney - We suggest using canted holster
    • Fast
    • Comfortable
    • Good concealment


  • Sweep - This is a good technique when wearing clothing with front opening or easily openned.
    • As described by its name, simply sweep the clothing with the shooting hand to expose the firearm and gripping it in one smooth motion. Continue by using the 5 - count draw as decribed in the practical drills section of this website.
  • Snatch - Usually used when there is no opening in the front of the shirt.
    • With the weak hand, pull the shirt from the bottom all the way until your hand touches your neck or chin. This will enable the shirt to clear the gun and prevents the firearm from getting caught by your shirt. Proceed with the 5 - count draw.
  • One Hand Snatch - Instead of using the weak hand to pull the shirt clear of the firearm, the shooting hand pulls the shirt high enough to be able to get a good grip on the gun.
  • Cross Draw - Holster is positioned on the appendix area of the support hand side.
    • This is useful when seated


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of practice. Carrying a concealed firearm could be unconfortable and tiring that needs getting used to. While practicing, always make sure it is done safely.


  • Never show your concealed weapon to anyone unless to defend yourself!
  • Don't carry if you consume alcoholic beverage!

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