Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun / Fireams Training - Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe SharpShooter - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
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Basic Pistol Course                      

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This course is designed for beginners to acquire basic knowledge, right attitude and fundamental skills necessary to own and use a handgun safely and responsibly.

Part I:

  • Introduction to Handguns
  • Safety
  • Gun Components
  • Proper Operation

Part II:

  • Ammunition
  • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
  • Live Shooting Range

Part III:

  • Pistol Cleaning
  • Proper Storage
  • Advanced Training Opportunity

This course is conducted by professional firearms instructors, NRA certified with expertise in various types of firearms and disciplines.

Cost: $150.00 per student

    • Includes 2 hours class/training
    • 2 hour live shooting
    • Eye and ear protection use
    • Firearm use
    • Ammunition and targets
    • Books & flyers

Certificate will be awarded to the participants who successfully finish the course.

Firearm Safety Certificate is available after class if needed. A test will be conducted. ($25 California DOJ Fee)

Shoot Safe Learning - Sharpshooter Torrance - Basic Pistol Course

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