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Shoot Safe Learning

Low Light Tactical Pistol

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Course Description

Low Light: This course if for advanced shooters. We teach the use of flashlights in various techniques. This is a 8 hour course emphasizing on survival stratregies and effective combat mindset.

Instructors: Surefire Instructor, Law Enforcement Officer, Subject Matter Expert

Course Outline:

Part I:

  • Review of safety procedures
  • Mindset
  • Vision in Low Light Conditions

Part II:

  • Flashlight/equipment selection
  • Principles of Low Light Tactics
  • Flashlight Techniques
  • Single shots
  • Multiple shots
  • Draw and shoot
  • Moving and shooting

Part III:

  • Range Shooting
  • Assesment

Part IV:

  • Room Entry
  • Examination
  • Review and Evaluation

Fee: $250


Check Back Soon

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