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Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun / Fireams Training - Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe SharpShooter - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
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Skill Builder Pistol Training Level II                      

Course Description

Skill Builder II/Intermediate Pistol Course: (Draw from holster) This is an intermediate level handgun course for shooters who are ready to take the next step. It is designed to prepare individuals to take more advanced pistol courses. Safety is again emphasized. Class discussions include proper attitude, gear selection, and marksmanship. Drills, including the draw and re-holstering are repeated for muscle memory. Many of our students take this course multiple times before advancing to the Tactical Pistol course. Some also come back for practice even after taking advanced courses. This is a 3-4 hour shooting class.

Course Outline

Class is Full

  • Law-abiding adult citizen
  • Must know the basic firearm safety rules
  • Prior shooting experience (one or more)
    • Completed any formal pistol course (basic or advanced)
    • Marksmanship Qualification (pistol)
    • or Instructor's permission

Part I:

  • Safety & Procedures
  • Equipment & Ammunition
  • Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
  • DOs and Don'ts
  • Combat Accuracy

Part II:

  • Presentation and Ready Positions
  • Reloading Drills
  • Flash Sighting / Wobble Zone
  • Clearing Stoppages

Part III:

  • Practical Drills
  • Range Time

Part IV:

  • Future Training

Cost: $150.00

Class is held at:

So Cal Sharpshooter
1827 W. 208th St. Torrance, CA 90501

Items to Bring:

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Firearm (semi-automatic pistol), 2 or more magazines
  • Revolvers are allowed, bring speed loader
    • Rental guns available
      • $10 per handgun + ammunition
      • Rental guns must use range ammunition
      • Average price per 50 rounds $20 depending on caliber

  • 100 rounds of ammunition for your pistol

  • Holster, belt and magazine pouches for your specific firearm (gear suggestion)
    • Preferred belts: Instructor belt (Wilderness, Bianchi, Blackhawk)
    • Preferred holster: Outside the waisteband belt loop hard kydex or polymer holster
      • (Bladetech, Blackhawk)
  • Dummy ammunition for your pistol (rental may be available)
  • Wear pants instead of shorts
  • Wear pants with large belt loops. (1.5" to 2")
  • Bring sturdy belt
  • Avoid low cut shirts

Next Class:
Class is full
Sat, Nov. 20, 2021
10:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Class is Full

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