Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun / Fireams Training - Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe SharpShooter - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
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Gear Selection                      

Tactical Pistol Recommended Gear/Equipment

  • Full Size semi-automatic pistol, 9mm or larger
  • Compact pistol if it fits shooter's hand


  • The Wildernes Instructor Belt - 5 stitches or polymer lined
  • Next Belt EDC


  • Must be gun specific
  • Hand molded or injection molded hard polymer holster
  • Bladetech kydex OWB (outside the waist band) holster
  • Alien Gear Holsters
  • Comp-Tac Kydex OWB Holster
  • Through beltloop instead of paddle
  • Women may use:
    • Bladetech Drop-Offset Tek-Lok Holster
    • Comp-Tac International Drop-Offset Belt Holster

Magazine Pouch:

  • BladeTech kydex magazine pouch
  • Comp-Tac kydex magazine pouch
  • Black Hawk kydex magazine pouch

Eye Protection:

  • Shooting Glasses with good wrap around coverage
  • Wiley X - PT1, Valor, Saint

Ear Protection:

  • Electronic with high NRR rating is preferred
  • NRR rating of 22 or more 28 or higher is preferred for indoor ranges

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Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

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