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NRA CCW Instructor

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Course Outline:

Become a certified NRA Certified CCW Instructor. This course is for experienced shooters with the desire to share his/her knowledge and skills to responsible and law abiding individuals who are willing to learn the discipline of concealed carry of a handgun for self-defense.

Part I

  • NRA Instructor Program
  • Policies and Procedures

Part II

  • Basic Instructor Training

Part III

  • CCW Instructor Training
    • Introduction to Lesson Plan
    • Firearm Safety
    • Nomenclature and Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense
    • Ammunition Knowledge and Defensive Ammunition Selection
    • Basic Defensive Pistol Skills
    • Draw Technique / Drawing from Concealment
    • Loaning and Stoppage Recovery
    • Defensive Mindset
    • Carry Method / Carry Positions / Holster Selection
    • Firearm Cleaning
    • Future Training

Part IV

  • Course Examination

Part V

  • Range

Course Duration:

  • 16 hours (2 days)


  • Applicant must be at least 21 years of age to become Certified Instructor
  • Proof of good character...whereas the applicant:
    • has not been convicted of a felony;
    • has not been convicted of any crime of violence;
    • has not been convicted of any offense involving domestic violence;
    • has not been adjudicated by a court of a state or of the United States as mentally incompetent, unless the adjudication has been withdrawn or reversed
  • Experienced shooter
  • Knowledge in Concealed Carry of Pistol


NRA Certificate and credentials are now processed online and completed within 10 days.

A course completion certificate is issued upon successful fulfillment of the course.

Important: Pre-Course Requirements:

All instructor candidates must complete and submit this pre-course requirements to the training counselor upon signing up.

Class is Limited; Please now and reserve your spot

1. Pre-Course Questionnaire

  • * Send it back via email prior to training date.

All instructor candidates must be proficient in handling and firing different types of shotgun.

A Pre-Course Candidate Assessment may be conducted.

Class will be held at:

Shoot Safe Learning
2049 Pacific Coast Hwy, #106,
Lomita, CA 90717

Day 2 (range):

Indian Canyon
Sylmar, California


  • $680.00 (Includes range fees and NRA Instructor Candidate Packet)
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Request for this Class