Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun / Fireams Training - Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe SharpShooter - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
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In Memory Of:
Rocky Hanken
Jul 8 1945 -
Apr 25 2015

Ruperto Elpusan, Jr.
Nov 6 1956 -
Jan 10 2013

Raylee Phillips
Apr 21 1949 -
Aug 31 2013

Colin Lambert
Apr 25 1948 -
May 31 2013

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Shooting is an important part of the American heritage. Be proficient, and learn how to gain sufficient knowledge and skills to share the sport. Be a mentor, promote firearms and hunting safety. Be a good example and instill proper attitude to youngsters and beginners.

Shoot Safe Learning conducts instructor classes including State and NRA certification to experienced and qualified individuals. We also provide Range Safety Officer courses to help clubs and shooting ranges train their staff.

Shoot Safe Learning is a proud member of The NRA Business Alliance. We support NRA programs and teach firearm safety and marksmanship courses using the NRA curriculum.

NRA Business Alliance

California Rifle & Pistol Associatioin


Second Amendment Foundation - SAF

Gun Owners of America

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

Martial Blade Concepts

Single Action Shooting Society

Jews Can Shoot


USA Carry

Gun Rights Attorney - T.A.T.T.S

United States Practical Shooting Association

NRA Member Council


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