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Apr 25 2015

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Home Defense:

One of the most common reasons for an individual to purchase a firearm is home and personal defense. This page will not dwell on the politics that's still being debated constantly.

It is your responsibility, as a gun owner, to know your firearm's proper operation, to maintain it in good working condition at all time and to be proficient with it through proper training and constant practice.


Safety is of utmost importance. Never store your firearm where an unauthorized individual may have access to it. A home defense gun may likely be kept ready to fire in seconds. Plan carefully. Invest on a good quality gun safe.

Mind Set:

Most common statement I've heard from victims: "I didn't believe it was actually happening." Majority of home invasion happens in the middle of the night when most people are likely to be asleep. A reliable alarm system can deter assailant and gives you valuable seconds to react to the threat. Dogs are very effective deterrent, also is a very good early warning system. Despite of it all, anything could be defeated by determined attacker(s). Your last recourse is your defensive firearm. Be prepared, be aware, have a plan, know the legalities of using force in self defense.

Be Prepared:

  • Know the law, consult a lawyer
  • Be sure to study and be familiar with your environment
  • Make a plan
  • Keep your firearm in good condition
  • Practice with your firearm/s regularly
  • Hire a professional to help you with your plan
  • Be trained by qualified instructors

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