Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe Learning - Gun / Fireams Training - Los Angeles, California
Shoot Safe SharpShooter - Gun Training, Los Angeles, California
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Gun Safety Rules
Choosing Firearms
Practical Drills
Home Defense
Concealed Carry
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In Memory Of:
Rocky Hanken
Jul 8 1945 -
Apr 25 2015

Ruperto Elpusan, Jr.
Nov 6 1956 -
Jan 10 2013

Raylee Phillips
Apr 21 1949 -
Aug 31 2013

Colin Lambert
Apr 25 1948 -
May 31 2013

Los Angeles CCW

Ps. 144
  • Be of good moral character
  • Provide good cause
  • Be a minimum of 21 years old
  • Own a registered firearm in California
  • Reside in the County

Hall of Justice
ATTN: CCW Coordinator
211 West Temple Street 8th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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  • Basic * Intermediate * Advanced
  • CCW * Home Defense * Instructor Certification
  • Instant download * No Expiration
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    Pistol Skill Builder I
    Skill Builder
    Beginner - Intermediate Pistol

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    Trauma & Emergency
    Stop The Bleed
    Trauma Response Tac-Med
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    Choosing A Gun
    Choosing a Gun
    Choosing A Gun

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    Defensive Shotgun

    Beginner - Intermediate

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    NRA Range Safety Officer
    NRA Pistol Instructor Course
    NRA RSO Certification Course

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    NRA Rifle Instructor
    NRA Rifle Instructor Course
    NRA Rifle Instructor Course

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    Join The NRA
    US Concealed Carry Association

    NRA Business Alliance

    California Rifle & Pistol Associatioin


    Second Amendment Foundation - SAF

    Gun Owners of America

    Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

    Martial Blade Concepts

    Single Action Shooting Society

    Jews Can Shoot

    USA Carry

    Gun Rights Attorney - T.A.T.T.S

    United States Practical Shooting Association

    NRA Member Council


    Shoot Safe Learning Located in South Bay, Southern California. Dedicated to promote safe firearm handling and responsible gun ownership. Classes are conducted at So Cal Sharpshooter in Torrance, California and, A Place To Shoot in Santa Clarita, California. Other classes and safety courses are conducted in Los Angeles, Chino Hills, Asuza, Carson, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Lakewood, Corona, Huntington Beach, Lomita, Hermosa Beach, Beverly Hills, Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Gardena, Harbor City, Wilmington, San Pedro, Hawthorne, Lawndale, LAX, Saugus, Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, Valencia, Inglewood and Cerritos.
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    Lomita, California
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